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Welcome to the “VVS” Ltd. web-site!!!

We hope that here you will be able to get detailed information about the service we offer, "Rent a Car", and a reply to all questions related to its use.

“VVS” Ltd. was founded in 2004 and fully operates in the sphere of services.

The main activity of the company is car renting. Our offices are situated in the cities of Burgas.

The company has established steady market positions in the sphere of car renting. The maintenance of high quality of a wide range of services, the permanent update and new technologies implementation are of high importance for the company prosperity and its positions in the sphere.

Main goals and priorities of the company are travellers’ security and the reliability of the offered automobiles, and at the same time VVS always takes care to meet its Bulgarian and foreign customers’ needs and necessities.

To the present moment in the company there are 10 employees recruited with a long-term labour agreement and some of them have a special qualification and language skills, corresponding to the specificity of the activities and services the company offers.

Our offices


Address: Airport Burgas
tel.: +359 56 83 85 85
mob.: +359 88 655 60 70

Stara Zagora

Address: Slavyanski Bul, 45
tel.: +359 42 62 55 99
mob.: +359 88 700 16 01